How You Can Last 20 Minutes Or Longer In Bed With Targeted Training

Since you’re here, you’ve probably heard about the great results the guys I personally coach have been enjoying. You struggle to last in bed and you’re ready to do something about it. That’s great, because unlike most guys who ejaculate prematurely you’ve taken the first step towards beating this.

It’s tough to be in your position. And if left unchecked, premature ejaculation can take away your enjoyment of sex, shatter your self-esteem as a man and ultimately lead to broken relationships. But here’s the thing. It doesn’t have to be this way. Let me show you how easy it can be to systematically build your ejaculatory control through a targeted training program.

But before we break down all the methods I’ll be teaching you there’s one crucial thing you need to understand.

There’s Nothing Wrong With You

People trying to sell you pills, sprays or expensive treatment love to tell you that you have a severe problem. That you are overly sensitive or have a serious dysfunction. Don’t believe a word of this because the truth is that you are absolutely normal. The real reason why you struggle to last in bed is that you haven’t yet learned the skills required for ejaculatory control. Now there’s a lot of skills you can learn, but there’s nothing magical them. If fact any guy can learn them once you know what to focus on. Let me show you how easy it can be to put them to work for you.

Here’s A Few Of The Ways You’ll Be Learning To Last Longer in Bed

Understand what’s happening and how to fix it

You’ll Learn the nuts and bolts of how your ejaculatory system works, what causes premature ejaculation and exactly how you can fix it.

Eliminate Anxiety, Get Confident

You’ll get a blueprint of actionable steps to eliminate sexual anxiety and that quivering in your lower abdomen that often comes with it. You’ll then go a step further and learn how to switch your mindset towards sex, to get your thoughts working for you, not against.

Instant Cool Down Techniques

You’ll be shown the 10 powerful cooldown techniques I teach, all developed to instantly cool your system and put you back in control. You can learn these straight away so they’ll help you out tonight. Don’t even think about getting into bed without these.

Breathing and Priming Your Sexual State

You’ll learn the right way to breathe before and during sex. Then we’ll take it up a notch with more advanced meditative and visualization hacks that get you in the optimum state for sex. (there’s nothing spiritual here it’s all based on science and what has worked for 1000’s of men)

Ejaculation Exercises – The key to building stamina

Here’s where you’ll put it all into action and begin training your body to do exactly what you want it to. This is the main part of the course and with 7 separate training modules to complete over 4 weeks you’ll see yourself rapidly increase your stamina as you progress through each highly targeted module.

Superior Sexual Techniques and Positions

These techniques have been specially devised to help you stay in control while still stimulating your partner. They’ll be no more of that stopping and starting rubbish during sex that women hate. Of course, once you gain full ejaculatory control (which I like to call “ejaculation freedom”) you can use any position you choose, but this module will keep you covered until then.

It's being talked about in places like this

What The Ejaculation Freedom Course IS NOT

It’s not about what worked for one man…

Most of the books about premature ejaculation are based on just one man’s experience. While I’m happy for this guy, the truth is that different things will work for different men, which is why you need to “cover every base” by learning all the skills and methods that deliver superior ejaculatory control. The ejaculation freedom course does this and that’s a big part of the reason it’s been delivering such extraordinary results.

It’s not about numbing your sensations, weird devices, or dangerous drugs.

None of these are so-called premature ejaculation treatments are permanent. For one very simple reason. They are all band-aid measures that don’t deal with the true cause of the problem.

Marketers and drug companies love them because in you they see a repeat customer. They don’t want you to beat premature ejaculation for good. In fact, it’s in their best interest for you not to, so you will be forced to fork out $100s or even $1000’s per year.

The ejaculation freedom course is about you breaking the cycle. About learning real skills that will be with you for life.

It’s not about old legacy techniques that have been around since the 60s.

In their day the squeeze technique, the stop and start method, and Kegels exercises were all that were available to guys like you.  And they were better than doing nothing. Unfortunately, most books and articles you see on premature ejaculation now simply re-hash these old methods.

How It Works

1. Download Course

The processe is anonymous,  super quick and easy so you can get started on building your stamina in just a few minutes

2. Follow the Training Modules

The course is broken down into easy to follow training modules that will get you lasting longer in bed fast.

3. Complete in just 4 weeks

Start now and you can complete the entire Ejaculation Freedom course in just for weeks.

4. Enjoy Real Sex

Once you have completed the course, all the improvements are 100% permanent so you can enjoy real sex every time.

Here’s What You’ll Get From The Course

  • 10 Instant cool down techniques that will bring you back from the point of no return fast
  • I’ll show you a special breathing technique that will have you lasting longer tonight – You can learn this in just 5 minutes
  • An easy 10 minute exercises you can do 1-3 times a week that will supercharge your lasting power – It’s much more powerful than Kegels
  • In week 3 of the course, I’ll show you a more advanced method that will allow you to maintain control during those hard pounding sessions that you’ve been missing out on – My clients love this module.
  • 8 separate training methods you can use to develop control. You’ll start with the easier stuff before advancing to some really powerful stuff.
  • How changing a handful of your thoughts and beliefs about sex can eliminate any mental causes of premature ejaculation. 
  • You’ll learn a great sexual technique to switch to that will let you remain in control while continuing sex instead of having to stop and start which women hate
  • Learn why training the wrong way can actually make your premature ejaculation worse – so many guys mess this up. I’ll show you the right way to train
  • A simple mind hack that will flick the switch of on your anxiety and nervousness before and during sex
  • A secret benefit of the program is that your orgasms will be more powerful. longer and feel great.
  • Learn why most women are willing to hang around a partner with premature ejaculation for a while as long as he makes an effort to do something about it.
  • And much, much more…


Complete on Your Own

Complete on Your Own

The entire course, including all the stamina building exercises can be completed without a partner.  End the embarrassment now with complete privacy.

Complete on Your Own

A Permanent Solution

All of the huge improvements you’ll see are 100% permanent. There’s no need for ineffective pills, creepy ointments or weird sprays.

Fast Results

Fast Results

You’ll start lasting longer tonight.  You can finish the course in just 4 weeks and start enjoying 20 plus minutes of real sex every time.  

Is It Right For You?

I’ll be honest here. As effective as the course is. It’s not for everyone. It will take some effort on your part. The training sessions will take 20 – 30 minutes each and should be done at least 2 times a week over the four weeks of the course (most guys will choose to do more than this).

If you are unable or unwilling to put in this small amount of effort then the program is probably not for you and it’s best that you don’t purchase the course. Ejaculatory control is a skill that can be developed by every guy (no matter how bad your premature ejaculation is now), but like all skills, it will take some effort to master.

But if you are willing to learn and put in a small amount of effort to complete the course I promise you will see the same great results as my other clients.

Guaranteed Results

The Ejaculation Freedom system works. 97% percent of men who complete the program improve their average lasting time to 20 minutes or more. That’s why you get such a comprehensive money back guarantee.

Start Now


If You Don’t…

  • Build the sexual stamina and confidence to satisfy any woman

  • Develop the ejaculatory skill to last 20 minutes or more every time 

  • Never again have to face the embarrassment and humiliation of being a premature ejaculator…

Within the next 60 days, just send me an email and I’ll refund every cent. The Ejaculation Freedom course has worked for thousands of men who used to be just like you. And I know it will work for you too.

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What’s Next For You?

Thanks for spending the time to learn more about premature ejaculation and the many ways you can prevent it through a targeted training system.  If you’re still reading it tells me that you are serious about taking real steps to make things better. And it tells me that you’re exactly the type of guy that my program is going to work for.

I know it can be difficult as a man to face premature ejaculation.  Sure, you struggle to enjoy sex, but it’s not only that. It’s probably playing havoc on your confidence, your self-esteem and if left unchecked will destroy your relationships. But this isn’t’ something you are stuck with.

I have total confidence in my methods and know that if you have a genuine desire to put your premature ejaculation problems behind you, the Ejaculation Freedom course will lay out a path to improvement give you the tools to get there.

Yours sincerely

Dan Becket

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More Questions? No problem. You can get in touch with me here.