Ejaculation Freedom User Reviews

Here’s where you can share your experiences with the Ejaculation Freedom program. There are so many guys missing out on this program because they are simply too scared, skeptical or have lingering self-doubt about what they are capable of. Here’s where you can help them by sharing your experiences with the Ejaculation Freedom training system.

For those who have completed the course, I’d love to hear about your own results. You can leave your review in the section at the base of this page or just send it to my personal email address which you received when you signed up. As always your identity will be kept completely anonymous


Reviews from users of the Ejaculation Freedom program

“Words can’t express my gratitude”

I never leave reviews but after reading your book and practicing your techniques, I feel it would be remiss if I didn’t. I’m about a week in and not only my confidence but more importantly, my stamina is through the roof. My fiancé sat me down last night, after our 20min+ ‘session’ and said we needed to talk. She told me that she didn’t know what I was doing different but there is a noticeable change. A change not only in the length of time we have sex but the intensity and passion have increased. She had to take a few minutes when we were finished for her to gather herself.
We used to have sex once or twice a week. It’s Friday and we’ve had sex 4 times!!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

“I gave my girlfriend an orgasm for the first time!”

Hi Dan. I can’t believe it. Last night everything clicked into place and I gave my girlfriend an orgasm for the first time. After being together for 2 years she couldn’t believe it. The look on her face was priceless. The final part of the program about getting in the zone was what did it!

Just had to thank you for all the help you have given me. I’ll be recommending the program to a few of my friends.

“I wish I’d had this program 5 years ago!”

Premature ejaculation has always been a huge problem for me. It messed up a LOT of my relationships. I spent so long trawling the internet looking for scraps of advice and trying everything. I felt stupid and none of it worked until I committed myself and got your program.


“I got it for my partner. He now lasts longer than me!”

“I got the program for my boyfriend. I had no idea what was going on with him. It helped me learn a lot and we could talk about it together. He has now finished the program and can last longer than me most nights. LOL. Thanks a lot Dan for such a great program! ”

“This is the real deal!”

“I train at the gym to improve my fitness. I wanted to find a way to do the same to improve my stamina in bed.  The Ejaculation Freedom program was perfect. This is the real deal!.  If you have PE and aren’t using this program, that needs to change right now. ”

“Now I’m the one giving my girlfriend orgasms any time I choose”

My girlfriend let slip one time that her last partner made her orgasm every time, and it made me feel terrible since I couldn’t even last 2 minutes or make her come once. I felt like such a loser which is why I took action and bought your course. I was skeptical that it could help me but after reading the first chapter I realized that I was looking at everything the wrong way. And when I started to see improvements in the first week I knew that it would work for me. I’ve now finished all the advanced sections and have full control. And now I’m the one giving my girlfriend orgasms any time I choose

“I wanted to try antidepressants but my doctor recommended your course”

I went to see my doctor. I wanted him to give me some anti-depressants for my PE. I’d read online that they could help and I was desperate. He said that behavioral therapy can be really effective and recommended your course and said I should try it first. I did, and what can I say. It worked. There were so many techniques and training methods. I had no idea about all the things I could correct. I can’t believe I was going to try dangerous drugs when this solution was there all along. Thanks Dan!

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For those guys who have already completed the course, I love getting your feedback. Firstly because it helps me continue to make the Ejaculation Freedom course the most effective premature ejaculation treatment on this planet. And secondly, because your honest feedback genuinely helps some guys see that it can work and take action.  For these guys who may be naturally cautious and sitting on the fence about using the program, hearing your experiences can really help them take action.

As always all reviews will be anonymous unless specifically stated.

– Dan