Stop Start And Squeeze Technique For Premature Ejaculation

By Dan Becket

By Dan Becket
Researcher, Author, Coach.

Using The Squeeze Method To Last Longer In BedIn your journey towards eliminating premature ejaculation and building sexual stamina one piece of the puzzle will be behavioral techniques to re-train your body and ejaculatory system.

Here I’ll run you through some of the more traditional techniques that you often see suggested online and by sex counselors in the past.

These are the squeeze technique, and the stop and start edging method.

Note: I don’t advocate using these methods as they are. Instead, you can check out my recommended methods to treat premature ejaculation in my full guide on how to last longer in bed for men here.

Behavioral Training Methods To Treat Premature Ejaculation

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  1. The squeeze technique method
  2. Stop and start Technique Method
  3. Limitations of premature ejaculation exercises
  4. Other behavioral methods to treat premature ejaculation
  5. What are the best premature ejaculation exercises?

The Squeeze Technique

The Squeeze Technique Premature Ejaculation

Developed in the 1950s The squeeze technique is a sexual behavioral training method used to attempt to prevent premature ejaculation for men (1). If you are planning to use this method please read this guide first to learn the correct techniques along with some much more powerful training methods.

The technique was developed by Masters and Johnson, a research team consisting of William Masters and Virginia Johnson who later went on to get married.

Masters and Johnson - Premature Ejaculation

How To Use The Squeeze Technique (solo)

  1. Begin to stimulate yourself.
  2. When you feel yourself nearing ejaculation slow your pace.
  3. Before ejaculation grip and squeeze the head of your penis at the point where the head meets the gland.
  4. After regaining control you can begin stimulating the penis again.

This method focusses primarily on forceful physical clamping to postpone ejaculation. The goal is to reach the point just before ejaculation multiple times.


Squeeze technique for premature ejaculation

Notice that in the diagram above there are very steep troths just after each time the squeeze technique is implemented. As part of my premature ejaculation training guide, I prefer the give my clients edging training that results in a flatter line of arousal to help you develop the ability to ride the wave of arousal and not just try to fight it.

The Stop And Start Technique

The stop and start technique is a basic training method also sometimes know as edging. It is similar to the squeeze technique however it relies on a more “hands-off” delay of ejaculation (2).

Instead of primarily focusing on a physical squeeze to prevent ejaculation, the stop, and start method is all about stopping and waiting for your urge to ejaculate to subside.

The Stop And Start Method:

  1. Begin manually stimulating yourself.
  2. Maintain the required pace and grip to bring yourself towards the moment of climax.
  3. Just before you reach the brink of climax or the point of no return (PONR) stop all stimulation.
  4. When your arousal level has decreased repeat.

This technique is a form of edging and can help you recognize the point of no return and managing your arousal levels.

Stop And Start Technique

Notice that now the line of arousal is flatter than the squeeze technique, with a more gradual descent from the point of no return.

This technique is a step in the right direction. In the past, it was probably the most effective premature ejaculation behavioral training method available to men. However recently, some much more effective and complete methods have been developed.

I never teach my clients the stop and start technique on its own as it has proven much less effective than the other techniques I have developed. I believe that stopping and starting during sex (or training) teaches the wrong mindset.

Learning to reduce arousal without stopping is the real key. And there are many effective ways you can program your body to do this. (see part 5 for this)

3. Limitations Of Traditional Premature Ejaculation Exercises

When these methods were developed they were quite revolutionary and the first real attempt to treat premature ejaculation through behavioral therapy. While they have been somewhat successful for up to 50 percent of men (PubMed), there is much room for improvement.

Here are a few possible problems or drawbacks with these traditions methods:

  • Many men struggle to implement the training correctly
  • Overly physical approach lacking mental training
  • Training yourself to stop during sex can lead to the wrong mindset during intercourse
  • The forceful squeezing of the penis can lead to abrasions or injury
  • Lack of consideration given to the woman’s arousal and enjoyment
  • Too much focus on the penis and a neglect of other important areas
  • Hard to replicate during real sex

4. More Behavioral Methods To Last Longer In Bed

Next, we’ll look at some of the other traditional behavioral and training methods for men with premature ejaculation.

Kegels Training For Premature Ejaculation

Kegels training is another traditional premature ejaculation exercise that is commonly suggested online. Check out my in-depth look at Kegels exercises for premature ejaculation here along with my personally developed “Stamina Kegels” method which is highly effective when combined with the other premature ejaculation prevention training methods I teach in my Ejaculation Freedom course.

CBT Therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is not a physical training method, but an approach used to uncover and remedy psychological problems.

When applied to premature ejaculation, this form of therapy attempts to uncover unhelpful thoughts (cognitions) that may be getting in the way.  It also aims to develop a cooperative partner relationship. Teaching the patient behaviors for delaying ejaculation such as the stop-start and squeeze technique can also sometimes be part of this form of therapy (3).

5. Best Training Methods To Prevent Premature Ejaculation

Is there a better way to build sexual stamina than these two traditional methods?

Yes, there is. Here’s the way you should be training.

As my clients will no doubt tell you, the key to stopping premature ejaculation is to attack it on multiple fronts. Completing these behavioral methods of their own is like trying to drive a car with only1 wheel.

Techniques To Help You Stop Premature Ejaculation Fast

Once you combine all these training methods and techniques you chances of successfully preventing premature ejaculation will escalate dramatically. I teach all this and more in my Ejaculation Freedom personal training program which you can purchase here. You can also learn more about all the effective methods I teach on my page on how to stop premature ejaculation naturally.

Best of luck – Dan