Finding Your PC And Pelvic Floor Muscles

By Dan Becket

By Dan Becket
Researcher, Author, Coach.

Some of the premature ejaculation exercises I’ll show you will focus on your PC muscles. Here’s a quick guide to show you how to locate them.

These muscles are also sometimes called your Pubococcygeus muscles or your Pelvic floor muscles.

PC Muscle

Locating your Pelvic Floor Muscles

Your PC (Pubococcygeus) muscles sit directly below your prostate. This group of muscles is used to help you control the flow of urine, bowel movements and more importantly for us, triggering ejaculation in men.

An easy way to locate this muscle is to do the following:

  • Go to the bathroom and take a pee
  • Attempt to stop the flow of urine
  • Take particular note of the muscle you are contracting to do this. That’s your PC Muscle.

In this example, you were tensing this muscle. But a lot of the training in the Ejaculation Freedom program is about getting you really good at releasing tension from this area. It’s a whole different skill set needed to do this and it’ll take some work and training from you. But remember, once this muscle is relaxed, it is physically impossible for you to ejaculate.

Releasing Tension From Your Pelvic Floor muscles

Next, I’ll show you a quick example of your PC muscle releasing tension. And I hope you have drunk plenty of water today because we’re heading back to the toilet.

  • Go to the bathroom
  • Before you urinate focus on your PC muscle
  • Notice this muscle relaxing as urination begins

Some guys who can’t take a pee when they are nervousness or when someone is watching, do so because they can’t relax this muscle. And that’s also what happens t men who can’t last in bed.

We will be working towards giving you the control to relax this muscle on call. Some of the training methods will seem a bit different at first because you have never learned how to control these muscles in the past. But once you acquire the muscle memory, this will be one of the main weapons in your ejaculation control tool belt.

Dan Becket
Dan Becket

Dan Becket is an award-winning researcher, coach and author on ejaculatory control and the treatment and prevention of premature ejaculation. He is the creator of Ejaculation Freedom – The worlds best premature ejaculation training program

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