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Nice one. You’ve taken the first step towards lasting much longer in bed and taking back control, so that it’s you, and only you who decides when you’re ready to finish. Every time.

I’m Dan, and from here I’ll be guiding you every step of the way. We have some serious training to do, but I’ll lay it all down in an easy to follow step-by-step format.

Here’s some of what we’ll be working on.

Instant cool down techniques – It’ll be 4 weeks before you’ll be up to full control but for those who have a hot date tonight, these will keep you covered. You can learn all 10 of these killer instant cool down techniques today. Put them into action when you feel yourself loosing control and they will cool your system fast

Ejaculation mechanics 101 –

Switch your sexual mindset – I’ll run you through all the mental mistakes guys who cant last make (there’s a lot of them) and give you a checklist to re-wire your mind to expect and deliver long lasting sex.

Get Your breathing right – This is easy to do and then we’ll take it up a notch with some advanced meditative and visualization techniques

Advanced Training Exercises that will rapidly add minutes to your lasting time. These are a large part of our training and created specifically for the Ejaculation Freedom program. Road tested on thousands of men. This stuff works!

Sexual Tactics – That you can use to cool your system fast without having to just stop in the middle of sex while your girl gives you a weird look. There’s no stopping or starting for us from here on in. Use these instead.

Get in the zone – and start enjoying that hard pounding sex that you (and your girl) have been missing out on.

Positions –

Reading your arousal – Your body is sending you out all the signals you need. But most guys are totally oblivious to it. I’ll teach you exactly what to look for. We’ll be working on giving you a whole stack of tricks and techniques you can use to cool your system fast. But you gotta know when to use each one. This will get you there.


This is not an instant remedy. it will take 4 weeks for you to enjoy the full results. But I can promise that if you

If you’re the decisive type, you probably already know that this is exactly what you need.