Reading Your Sexual Arousal Levels To Improve Ejaculation Control

An important module I cover in my Ejaculation Freedom program looks at your sexual arousal levels. Or more importantly, how to read the signals your body is sending you so you can make the right move.

You see I give guys a whole stack of methods and techniques they can use during sex to maintain control. These methods can be really powerful but the trick to know which one to use and when to use it. And to do that you’ll need to understand arousal.

The 3 Levels of sexual arousal

We can break your level of arousal down to 3 levels. We’ll call these the excitement, plateau, and orgasm stages.

Note: There are sub levels within these 3 main categories that you will start to recognize when you begin your training, but we’ll keep it simple for now.

  1. The excitement stage is during the initial stage of sex.
  2. The plateau stage is when you become much more aroused. Your testicles will draw closer to your body, blood will rush to your member and you will feel a slight pulsation within your PC muscles (be on the look out for this).
  3. In the orgasm stage your PC muscles contract heavily. This will force seamen from the testis to the urethra tube. You have reached the point of no return and will orgasm and ejaculate. (note that ejaculation and orgasm are 2 separate things. They almost always occur together but as you will discover in the advanced part of the training, they don’t have to)

Stages Of Arousal With Premature Ejaculation

If you have a hard time lasting in bed here’s what the stages of arousal will look like for you during sex.


Stages Of Arousal For A Man With Premature Ejaculation

As soon as sex begins (or even sooner for some) you are in the excitement stage. Your heart rate will jump and you will start involuntarily tensing muscles in your core and pelvic areas. You start to panic.

The Plateau stage should feel great but for a guy with premature ejaculation it’s over before it’s even begun. There’s no riding the wave of pleasure, just a quick progression to the final stage.

After sprinting through the first two stages you will reach the orgasm stage. It will be relatively weak and over quickly. At this point many guys will have feelings of shame, or embarrassment.

How To Build Stamina

As you can see. When It plays out like this sex isn’t much fun. But once you understand these stages we can start working to make sure you never have to experience the above scenario ever again.

As part of the training we’ll be working really hard on increasing the duration of the Plateau stage. And that’s great news for you because this is the most enjoyable part of sex once you learn how to “ride the wave” or arousal (Don’t worry I’ll teach you exactly how to do this).

That above diagram sucked. But here’s what you will be working towards and it’s much much better.

You arousal levels after learning how to last longer in bed with the Ejaculation Freedom Program

Now that’s more like it.

Notice where the big increases are? In that Plataea Stage and it’s during this stage when it’s especially important to read the signals your body and sexual response system are sending you so you can take action.

Signals To Look For During The Plateau Stage

Be aware of the following signals during this stage.

  • Are your tensing your core muscles
  • Do you feel a slight fluttering in the area just below your lower stomach?
  • Are your PC group of muscles pulsing?
  • Has your breathing become shallow?
  • Is your ejaculatory reflex triggering
  • Where is your mental focus

This is just some basic stuff to get you started. But you really will need to do the full training to take full advantage.

The many parts of ejaculation training always need to be done together to get them working fully. And being able to read your sexual response system is just one of these parts.

Best of luck with it

– Dan

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