Premature Ejaculation Breathing Exercises & Techniques

A great place to start your journey towards full ejaculatory control is to learn and practice the correct breathing techniques to use before and during sex. This is one of the simplest skills to learn and it’s something that almost all guys who are affected by premature ejaculation get wrong. It’s time to change that today.


Breathing is regulated by our subconscious automation system. So like the beat of our heart, it occurs automatically from the day we are born until the day that we shuffle off.

But unlike our heartbeat, we can focus on and alter the way we breathe. It can be regulated by conscious thought and practice and once you build muscle memory this correct form of breathing will also become Automatic.

Breathing has been used to fight premature ejaculation since ancient Chinese times (1) but the trick is to combine it with the type of modern behavioral training methods you’ll be learning on this site.

A foundation Of Ejaculation Control

Breathing alone isn’t as powerful as some of the other methods I’ll be teaching you to prevent premature ejaculation in the full Ejaculation Freedom program but it’s an important pillar to get right. And it’s something you can do right now.

Think of using the correct breathing technique as laying down a solid foundation or base for the further skills you will build to permanently prevent premature ejaculation.

And this is why it’s important to get your breathing right before sex has even begun. Here I’ll show you how to do this. Then we’ll look at how you can make some switch-ups to your techniques to use during sex and we’ll finish with some specific breathing related tricks you can use to help cool your system fast and bring you back from the point of no return.

Why breathing helps you last longer in bed:

  1. It relaxes you (and your muscles)
  2. It delivers oxygen to the blood
  3. it re-aligns focus

Keep Your Surrounding Muscles Relaxed

The breathing techniques you’ll need to prevent premature ejaculation have a key difference to breathing techniques you will find elsewhere.  The trick is to breathe deeply from your diaphragm but to do so while keeping your surrounding muscles relaxed.

(a big part of the Ejaculation Freedom training philosophy is to prevent unnecessary tension in our muscles at all times. It’s this tension that works its way to the ejaculatory system – I’ll make sure you cut it off at the source)

This will take some practice but you will quickly pick it up and before long it will become automatic.

Breathing Exercise To Prevent Premature Ejaculation

Before I show you the breathing techniques to use before and during sex I’ve got an exercise for you that will help you get comfortable breathing from your diaphragm and doing it without over tensing your surrounding muscles. This is not dissimilar to some yoga breathing techniques(2), although they have been

It’s easy to do. Just follow these steps:

  1. Sit down comfortably, or lay down on a bed or the floor.
  2. Place one of your hands on your stomach, just below your rib cage. Place the second hand over your chest.
  3. Breathe in deeply through your nostrils, letting your lower hand be pushed out by your stomach. You should find that your chest stays stationary.
  4. Breathe out through your lips, pursing them as if you were about to whistle. Gently guide the hand on your stomach inwards, helping to press out the breath.
  5. Slowly repeat between 15 times making sure not to tense any of the surrounding muscles.

Here’s what’s going on inside:

It’s quite different from what most people assume. Notice that it’s the relaxing of your diaphragm which causes you to breathe out.  It’s important to make sure you are controlling your breathing through your diaphragm because the next thing I want you to focus on is making sure all your surrounding muscles remain relaxed.


You should feel nice and relaxed but remain conscious of muscles in your core and pelvic area tensing up. You will want to avoid this as much as possible. They will do this involuntarily on occasion. This is OK, just make a conscious effort to relax them again.

As you practice this breathing exercise you try to start to become aware of the separate muscle groups in the area and see if you can isolate and relax them.

Note: Don’t get to worried at this stage if you can’t identify the separate muscle groups in your pelvic region. It will take some work and I cover this in detail in the “ejaculation training” module of the Ejaculation Freedom program. Once you get to work on these exercises you’ll soon be able to instantly relax any muscle on call, including your all-important ejaculatory muscles.

How To Breath Before Sex To Reduce Premature Ejaculation

Breathing before sex is all about making sure you are both physically and mentally relaxed and as always not over tensing your core muscles.

You may feel a bit self-conscious breathing like this in front of your partner but once you have practiced this correct form of breathing a few times it won’t even be noticeable. If anything your partner will like it as you will appear more present and “in the moment”

As part of your training program I’ll be showing you how to combine your breathing with visualization, meditative and movement techniques that will make it 10 times more effective when combined. But for now, let’s first focus on just the breathing, and we’ll be moving onto the more powerful stuff soon)

How To Breath During Sex

The breathing to use during sex is similar to the pre-sex technique, however, it should now be deeper and more focused.

During sex, you will now be exerting more energy and need to ensure your breathing is delivering enough oxygen to your blood. Many guys will subconsciously switch to short shallow breathing. Don’t be a panter!

Learning the correct breathing will stop you from being a panter like this guy. The key is to take controlled, steady, but relaxed breaths.

Here’s What To Do:

  1. Breath in for 5 seconds through your nose while keeping your mouth closed (no need to hold it at the end)
  2. Breath out through your mouth for 5 seconds. As your diaphragm relaxes make sure to relax the muscles below it all the way down to your pelvic area.
  3. Wait 1 second as you consciously relax your core an pelvic muscles
  4. Repeat

Things to note:

  • Instead of counting, use your body’s motion to keep your breathing in sync.  For example, stroke up the length of your partner’s back with your hands on your inward breath, and then down with your outward breath. (I promise she will dig this)
  • Your outward breath is your chance to get your muscles as relaxed as possible. Use it wisely.
  • Don’t be overly self-conscious of breathing like this. It’s a signal to your girl that you are primed and focused!

There’s a whole lot more for you to learn here which I cover in the full course, but this will be enough to get you started.

Cool Down Breathing Tricks and Techniques

In my Ejaculation freedom program, there’s a full module specially devoted to instant cool down techniques. Some of these are really powerful and many combine special breathing tricks with other techniques to cool your system fast. No guy should get into bed without knowing a few of these and I recommend that you take the time to learn these yourself.

These techniques focus on how to breathe when you feel yourself on the brink of the point of no return to pull yourself back before it’s too late, and how to combine them with the other skills you will be learning.

Some more breathing-related things you will learn as part of the full program are:

  • Combo’s – A great thing to pair with your new breathing techniques are targeted visualizations which will greatly multiply the effectiveness. This should be the next step you take in your journey towards lasting longer in bed.
  • Using breathing to eliminate anxiety and other mental triggers of premature ejaculation
  • 4 Further breathing techniques to use during sex. Try them all out to see which works best for you.

These methods can be found in my full Ejaculation Freedom training program.

Thanks for joining me. This is just scratching the surface of all the weapons you have at your disposal to eliminate your premature ejaculation, but it’s something to get you started and to build from.

Breathing correctly is a great foundation for the other natural methods and early ejaculation exercises you will learn. Hopefully, in the future, more academic studies will be completed (3) proving the high success rate of this form of training to extend intercourse and delay male climaxing.

Best of luck with it.


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