The Tipping Point

Guys often ask me what is the most effective or powerful section of my Ejaculation Freedom program. They will want to try that first, but I always tell them that just one section in isolation will be much less effective if you are not developing all the other skills to reduce early ejaculation at the same time.

You have probably heard the saying that “The whole is far greater than the sum of the parts”.

This is not always true, but in the case of training to overcome premature ejaculation it can’t be overstated.

You see, as I explain in my article on permanently preventing premature ejaculation, of the seven primary modules I teach. Getting better at one will automatically help make the others easier to learn and master.

This is especially apparent when you start to combine the mental and physical skills and they both start you feed off each other as your confidence escalates.

This is the reason why, when guys just stick to the one thing such as Kegels exercises that they very rarely see great results.

Unlike band-aid type quick-fixes like premature ejaculation pills, drugs, sprays, creams or gels the great thing about developing such a wide range of skills to last longer in bed using the Ejaculation Freedom program is that you are guaranteed to see improvements. In fact, it’s pretty much impossible not to after learning these methods.

I have also found that each method that you learn will, in turn, make it easier to learn and improve the other methods.

For example, by learning the cool-down methods, you will take pressure off yourself witch will make it easier for you to get your mental conditioning where it should be. Then your improved mental conditioning will make the other sections easier to learn.

This process will continue as you work through each section until most guys reach, what I like to call the tipping point.

What’s the tipping point?

Put simply, the tipping point is when it all comes together and you realize you are in control. It’s the point when you know how to read your body’s messages. You are relaxed and breathing properly and you know you have some emergency tactics up your sleeve should you need them…

This gives you confidence. It relaxes you, releasing tension from your body, and yes, that’s the very same tension that would otherwise be working its way to your ejaculatory system.

You now start to enjoy sex. You focus on your beautiful partner instead of worrying. Thoughts of embarrassment and shame are long gone.

It’s when you realize that you can now last as long as you want. This is Ejaculation Freedom. It’s a great feeling. And you’re going to love it.

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Dan Becket
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