Why Most How To Last Longer Online Advice Won’t Help

20 years ago, if you experienced premature ejaculation there wasn’t a lot you could do. Your best bet was to experiment yourself or perhaps even build up the courage to ask a few of your friends for advice. With these limitations, it’s not surprising that premature ejaculation remained so prevalent and that sexual expectations were not high.

Nowadays things are looking a lot better for men wanting to last longer in bed, especially for the guys who want to do it by improving their own skill sets naturally.

With the Ejaculation freedom course being very cheap and giving a comprehensive set of training modules more and more guys are taking advantage of and completing the course. This kind of quality training hasn’t been available in the past and even these days many guys end up receiving dud advice when they search for help lasting longer in bed.

Online Information

download-EFOnce a guy realizes he’s struggling to last in bed he’ll most likely head online and search for something like “how to last longer in bed” or “premature ejaculation”. Like many other topics online, for every bit of good advice, there are 5 bits of not so good advice and the topic of premature ejaculation is no exception.

The information available online for guys searching about PE and how to last longer in bed tends to fall into 3 categories. Medical based and marketing based and general articles.

Medical based articles about PE

There is absolutely nothing wrong with seeking medical based advice for premature ejaculation and I even recommend it for some cases of late-occurring premature ejaculation. In a few cases, there are legitimate medical reasons for premature ejaculation which should be checked if the symptoms are present.

However, in the overwhelming majority of cases, there is no specific medical problem with men experiencing premature ejaculation and it is in these cases where a medical approach can be lacking.

The traditional medical approach is to check for a list of symptoms, find a cause and then prescribe a treatment. This works really well for most medical conditions such as an infection or ailment or injury. Yet it does not work well for premature ejaculation and there is a good reason for that.

It’s because for the overwhelming majority of guys who ejaculate too soon during intercourse there is absolutely nothing wrong with them. They simply lack the skills needed to last longer in bed.

It’s for these men that much of the information on medical sites will be lacking.

Premature Ejaculation and Online marketing

Another main source of information men find online comes from online marketers. These articles are usually written by someone who knows very little about premature ejaculation and is writing for the sole purpose to make you buy something through either them or through an affiliate website.

These sites will often heavily promote products such as herbal premature ejaculation pills, sprays or e-books on marketing networks such as Click-bank.

As their main goal will be to sell you something they will often attempt to make your lack of control in bed seem worse than it is. They will also try to discourage you from working on your ejaculatory control on your own without their pills and sprays and attempt to convince you to buy whatever they are selling.

Some of these sites are very well disguised as more legitimate sites but make up at least half of the results of most online searches on the topic.

General Articles

The third kind of information you will find is the Mens health type articles. These are often in a “28 tips” type format and will suggest things like “distract yourself” and “masturbate beforehand”. While being OK for a light read these kinds of articles rarely give any hands-on details to improve your control in bed.

They are usually written by or outsources to article writers with no first-hand experience of the issue and contain broad generalizations rather than specific action to take.

Where To Get The Best Premature Ejaculation Advice

While the Ejaculation Freedom course as a great source for guys both wanting to learn more about premature ejaculation and how to put a stop to it, the truth is it’s not for everyone. Some guys are simply not prepared to put in any work to improve themselves and perpetually seek out the “easy solution”

There are also guys who are unwilling to pay for anything. Even when it’s something as important as having a full fulling sex life and satisfying their partner. It’s these guys who will spend hours lurking around Reddit and online forums looking for any scrap of free advice to try.

If either of the above examples sounds like you, you’re probably not going to see any improvement in your lasting time. That said in my free guide on how to last longer in bed you’ll find what is probably the most comprehensive free list of actions you can take to last longer in bed.

Offline information

If you decide that you can’t trust the internet and would like some face to face advice you have a few options.

Expert Consultations

There are a small number of experts on premature ejaculation who are available for consultations. I personally still see some clients however due to high demand I only take on new clients by personal referral. If you are lucky enough to find a good expert and book a session it will be a lot more expensive than any online solution but you will get the reassurance of seeing someone face to face.

Print Books

There have been a few printed books released in the past yet they have been very limited and based on disproved principles.  Most of these ‘legacy books’ over emphasise the psychological causes of premature ejaculation and lack thorough guidelines on any sort of training exercises.

I find that these books are often overly focused on the man and give very little regard to the female and here feelings, arousal and overall satisfaction.

Where To Next?

So as we have seen. While you can find some good advice online about how to stop premature ejaculation you have to filter it out from the massive amounts of filler and marketing material. Some medical advice is relevant especially for cases of late-onset premature ejaculation although be wary of pseudo-medical sites promoting sprays and medication not designed to treat PE.

For those who want to get started fixing their premature ejaculation, you can learn more about the Ejaculation Freedom Course here.




Dan Becket
Hi. I'm Dan. I coach men on how to last longer in bed and how you can improve your ejaculatory control. I have helped thousands of men permanently stop premature ejaculation naturally with my personally developed training system. You can learn more about me here or skip straight to my outline on how to last longer in bed and start learning today. Best of luck. - Dan
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